Rawlings Velo 2.0 Baseball Chest Protector - NOCSAE Approved

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TriplePlay and the NWO Lady Irish recommend NOCSAE Approved Standard chest protectors for both baseball and softball.

The Rawlings Velo 2.0 chest protector with Arc Reactor Core heart guard technology offers unrivaled performance for catchers. Its updated design offers a better fit too. Get it now!

The Rawlings Velo 2.0 chest protector is perfect for back-stoppers looking for a new, high performance chest protector. Its revolutionary design is engineered for maximum performance and a comfortable fit. As a result you won't have to worry about stingers while blocking tough pitches.

This catcher's chest protector features our Arc Reactor Core heart guard technology that disperses forceful impacts and dampens ball rebounds. This was designed to reduce commotio cordis injuries and to meet the NOCSAE® commotio cordis standard. In addition, the redesign of the Dynamic Fit System provides a flexible shoulder and back harness that gives you an unmatched form-fitting piece of equipment.

With adult and intermediate sizes available, there's a Velo 2.0 chest protector for catcher's of many ages and sizes who need elite level performance every inning. Get yours now!

 ***Beginning January 1, 2020, NFHS will require use of certified chest protectors for baseball. Adoption by other leagues is still pending.


Adult - 17"

Intermediate - 15.5"