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Got a design you want us to customize on a shirt, sweatshirt, socks, hat, etc..?  Or even on Canvas for you to frame?

Contact us at  


Send us your image or design ideas and we'll help you with your final product!

Customization costs are largely determined by the items you want decorated.  

> TriplePlay completes the design, digitalization, and set up of your image - $50

> You send us an image that we digitalize and set up - $30

> Next, determine the items you want customized.

> Finally, there is no minimum orders at TriplePlay.  We can customize one item, or 100 items.

> Before we begin image design, we'll invoice your accordingly.  Once your image is approved, we'll digitize, set up, and get ready to start customizing your items!


So contact us at TriplePlay for all your apparel customization needs!


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